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Vinsanity feb 2017

From: Vincent Robinson

Irvington, New Jersey

January, 2017

From the Desk of: Vincent Robinson

 As a basketball coach and leader of young men I felt an obligation to set an example for the young

men who aspired to do great things in their lives. 

So when I got that call from my doctor in August of 2016 and my doctor informed me that my health 

was in serious danger unless I changed my lifestyle and lost some weight! 

That is when I made the commitment to myself, my family and to my team that I would lose the 

weight and create a story that would inspire others and let them know that anything is possible 

once you  put your mind to it.

After instituting my regimen for a short period of time I have noticed a drastic change in my 

physical appearance but more importantly I have noticed a miraculous change in my vital 

numbers that even has my doctor astonished.

Putting in the work, while having a true commitment along with the know how will lead you

to achieving your goals.

That is why I am here to share my story!

What Are My Secrets? 

 The most important factor in you achieving the results that you desire is your commitment level!

You must have an urgency to lose the weight and be willing to let go or eat smaller portions of the

things that are doing you the most harm. 

If you are committed to losing weight and creating a healthier and happier lifestyle, half the battle is completed but if you think this is something that you can do for a week a revert back to your old ways and habits, then I will tell you that this program is not for you. 

You must be willing to accept change in your life to get the results that you desire. 

 Making gradual changes will have long lasting effects. 

 What is Included in My E-Book?

 Vinsanity`s Weight Loss Secrets

What`s included in my E-Book...

* My daily routine that I use to burn fat.

* Access to my exclusive meal plan to burn fat and speed up metabolism .

* Discover the secrets for the best times to eat and how many meals you should eat per day.

* Some great tips on how to become a sleeping fat burning machine.

* Complete list of foods and snacks that you need to incorporate into your diet.

* The recipes for 5  smoothies that target five different health issues such as....  Promoting

 a healthy heart,  detoxifying, immune system booster, cognitive  functions and reducing


* Various exercise and calorie counting apps to help you understand what you have  accomplished  for the day and your daily calorie intake.

* Access to our accountability group for support in reaching your goals.

These are just some of the resources that you will have access to when you purchase my weight loss secrets e-book.

Vincent july 2016

 Hard To Believe This Was Me!

  •  It was never my intention to create a success story or write a short book on my journey and transformation but when people started to ask me how I lost all of that weight, I just told them what I was doing and they insisted that I needed to create a guide for others to follow.
  • In order to create a testimony you have to go through a life altering test.
  • So grab your copy of "Vinsanity`s Weight Loss Secrets"  and create your own story!


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